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Transforming your old cabinets into the kitchen of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.


Refinishing a Kitchen with Island with updated cabinets in Coquitlam

Kitchen Refinish

At a fraction of the cost with any colour or sheen you desire. In just a couple of days, we can completely transform your old-looking cabinets into the kitchen of your dreams!  

White Kitchen in Coquitlam with new handles on refinished cabinets

Handle Remodel

We install new handles if required.

Refinished and Updated Kitchen with Marble Island updated interior and exterior finish in cabinets in Greater Vancouver

Interior and Exterior

You can choose to refinish your exterior and interior for a full finish with satisfaction guaranteed. 

White Kitchen with refinished cabinets in Port Moody BC


Celtic Cabinet Refinishing is based in Port Moody working throughout the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. Since we started in 2007, we have completed hundreds of projects most of which came from client referrals.


We stand by our promise on providing you high-quality service ensuring satisfaction before, during, and after each project has been completed. We truly believe refinishing your kitchen is the solution to going green while saving you thousands of dollars in the process. 


All our work is guaranteed and carried out by our experienced spray technicians. Find out how you can get your kitchen refinished today. 




After deciding on your choice of colour and sheen, the process of refinishing begins! The work takes between 2-4 days depending on the size of the kitchen. 

New hardware can be installed if requested, backsplashes can be refinished, and full painting service is available.

Step 1

 The doors will be removed, placed in our mobile spray booth or brought to the shop to be prepped and primed.

Step 2

After priming, further prep work will be carried out before top coating begins.

Step 3

Doors are reinstalled after overnight drying. 

Step 4

Relax and enjoy!




Have a conversation with us, and we will be happy to discuss other pricing options available. If you are still unsure, get a second opinion, and ask about our price-matching offer. 

Celtic cabinet refinishing pricing plan
Pricing pln


  • Will I be left with a new kitchen?
    No, is the simple answer; yes, your kitchen will look new. There may be some imperfections as there are imperfections on brand new, off-the-shelf kitchens if you look closely. You can expect your kitchen to be 90- 95% newly refinished. 3-4 feet distance viewing, your kitchen will look new.
  • What preparation is carried out?
    Every kitchen requires different preparation which includes sanding, degreasing and filling. Sanding is usually required to remove dirt and grit, priming follows.
  • Is the finish washable and durable:
  • How long will the finish last?
    With the proper care like most kitchens, it will last as long as you live in your house. Consider the white trim around your doors—that does not fail but may require cleaning / touch-ups or need to be repainted if damaged.
  • Do you install new hardware?
    YES, if the existing holes are used there is no charge; if new drilling is to be carried out, there is a charge for the service.
  • How long before we can use our kitchen?
    24 hrs after refinishing you kitchen is ready for light use; however, the product is not fully cured. Depending on the environment regarding heat, moisture and even the time of year, the product will not fully cure for days or even weeks after being applied—this is normal.
  • How do I pay after work has been completed.
    Email transfer is the preferred payment. To avoid awkward situations, we kindly ask that you pay on the day of completion. The turnaround for refinishing is pretty quick. Our team will carry out the touch ups on completion date with the owner present. Unless there is product failure, no other call backs are available, so we ask you to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome before we leave your home. If there are budget concerns, a payment method can be discussed prior to work being carried out.
  • Is the work guaranteed?


Contact Us

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